Helena Bonham Carter Doesn’t Care For Fashion Critics

Helena Bonham Carter, star of The King’s Speech, certainly had an interesting outfit at the Golden Globes, and even seen above – clearly doesn’t really care much for that ‘simple, clean’ look.


However, she really doesn’t give a shit what people thought of her GG outfit. She held a Q&A at a theatre close to her home and talked about the response to the 44-year-old’s outfit.

“I am not Hannibal Lecter wearing someone else’s skin. Why does it matter? I make do with what is in my wardrobe. I think one should but I receive comments that that’s not good enough. I think one can wear the same thing, in this day and age especially. There are too many awards, no other profession gets so many. There are millions of people who deserve awards. That’s what I have a problem with and the fact it’s now hijacked by the fashion industry – it’s all what you wear,” she said.

However, to her point…she’s right. And people giving her grief…it’s not like she’s Lady Gaga, who at times hides behind the artifice of ‘art’ for some of the bullshit she wears. And it’s just clothes, so who cares?