Helen Mirren’s Dirty Little Secret

February 28th, 2007 // 11 Comments

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Ha! Just because she’s so elegant and classy, doesn’t mean that Helen Mirren doesn’t enjoy leaving the panties at home, while the rest of her goes out and parties. The sixty-one year old Oscar winner shared with Oprah Winfrey that the Christian Lacroix dress she wore to the event was tailored in such a way as to make skivvies unnecessary.

“It was all made for me so I didn’t have to have any underwear. It fitted me like two angels’ hands. I cried when I put it on, it is a work of art.”

If you think I’m making a bigger deal of this than is warranted, then you are right, my friend.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. That’s hot!

    Too bad there wasn’t a vent in the red carpet with air blowing up so she could have busted a Monroe. lol


  2. j

    maybe she just meant that she didn’t have to wear a bra–which fits the definition of “underwear.” i doubt it meant panties–”It fitted me like two angels’ hands”–makes more sense if she meant the dress was made so that it held up her boobs.

    unless there was like a body suit underneath…which makes me feel uncomfortable. and makes one question where two angels hands might be, and what in the world they would need to hold on to.

  3. silvarga

    I’m with J. on this one. Not needing a bra seems like a logical explanation.

    Anyway, I LOVE that she’s swept all the awards ceremonies this year. It’s awesome that it’s for her brilliant performance and not some “Lifetime Achievement” let’s-give-it-to-her-before-she-croaks situation. Like America Ferrera, this must be a truly fulfilling year for her. It’s no wonder she cried… That dress must have been like the icing on the cake.

  4. What?

    Lisa Timmons said something wrong?



  5. thexxit

    I think she added after that that she did have panties on… just not the bra.

  6. thexxit

    I think she added after that that she did have panties on… just not the bra.

  7. nick

    She did say she wore panties/underwear, just not a bra because of how the dress was made.

  8. eviljellybean

    If you’d paid attention to the entire episode you would have seen her correct herself after she made the underwear comment that she had on underwear, but not a bra. The cups were sewn into the bodice of the dress, but she said she had on “bottoms”.

  9. pfft

    She meant she did not need a bra.

    Gee, are you too dense to correctly interpret that?

  10. Peach

    She looked absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous older woman.

  11. anneelizmary

    Yes, Dame Helen’s comments on Oprah, where she showed the bra cups beautifully sewn in to the dress with comfy taped seams, etc., that she did wear “underwear”–panties, or stockings, or some such–but was able to let the bodice alone support her bosom. You guys! Get a grip. She was celebrating a gift from the designer, and was enthusing about the comfort and beautiful workmanship of the dress even in the press room.

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