Helen Mirren Ain’t Gonna Lie, Becks Gets Her Hot

The Greatest Britons Awards saw Helen Mirren sharing the red carpet with British footballer and recent L.A. transplant, David Beckham. And when the striking actress, who portrayed the Queen of England with such accurate reserved dignity and emotional restraint that she won an Oscar for her performance, spotted the metrosexual athlete, she was barely able to contain her excitement. According to Hello! magazine:

Sashaying up the red-carpet in one of the plunge-necked gowns that so favours her, the silver screen star stopped dead in her tracks as she set eyes on the football hero. She then offered David, 32, her hand with a delighted smile. And the chivalrous sportsman, who’d flown from Spain to be recognised as a global ambassador for Britain’s image, seemed equally glad to run into the iconic actress.

Now that’s some hotness right there. After her chance meeting with Becks, Mirren declared, “Well, that was the thrill of a lifetime.” Watch out, Posh, cause I have a feeling these two have the capability to come out with a pretty decent sex-tape. Whoah. Did I say that out loud? I’m afraid, for you people, that I totally just did and that I’m not taking it back.


More photos (Helen Mirren, David Beckham, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kelly Osbourne, Ashley Jensen, Bob Geldof, Geri Halliwell) from the Greatest Britons Awards red carpet after the jump.

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(Helen Mirren, David Beckham)

(David Beckham, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kelly Osbourne)

(Ashley Jensen, Bob Geldof, Geri Halliwell)