Helen Hunt’s Mad About Something

April 24th, 2008 // 51 Comments

First things first, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my admiration for the fact that Helen Hunt clearly has opted to age naturally and I have to applaud that. But I would by lying if I didn’t admit that these candid images taken of through a car window were quite jarring. Sorry, but they did. I’m only human, dammit!

I have always thought Helen’s mouth looked perpetually pinched. Maybe if she just relaxed a little, it wouldn’t look so bad. Poor thing, she’s not even on the red carpet.

Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Ms. Hall

    Is that really her?

  2. c

    Looks like Candice Bergen

  3. peachpie

    yamma hamma! she looks like a mean ole school marm!

  4. dana

    When you get to a certain age, you need some meat on your bones. Fills out that drwan look. Go eat some cookies Helen.

  5. Jeanne

    At least she’s not all puffed up from injections like other celebs, but she could stand some facial rejuevenation or weight gain.

  6. green cardigan

    I just googled her date of birth. It says 15 June 1963, which makes her 45 this year. Her skin looks like that of a woman 20 years older or more.

    I’m all for ageing naturally but Crikey ! that’s ageing in the speeding lane (while overtaking!).

    Eat, wear sunscreen, stop smoking !

  7. green cardigan

    Sorry about that. I’ve just been bashing my keyboard like a lunatic. Blog Rage.

    I know feel absolutely fine with having a cream bun after my lunch. It’s for a good cause. Smooth skin when I’m older :)

  8. Jeanie

    I thought it was Candice Bergen too. I’m glad I have a chubby face, unlike Helen here. I’ll stay looking younger longer.

  9. Gry

    She looks 70. Maybe she’s ill. Something is clearly wrong, though.

  10. Me

    I actually just did a TV show with her and she didn’t look like that. I call bad angle or fake.

  11. bd

    is that a black eye i see? or makeup? or shadow?

  12. Suez

    That’s what borderline anorexia and bad implants do to a face.

  13. iowa girl

    bd…i saw that too. Maybe she’s starting with the eyes, and then will do something with the rest of the face?

    c…i agree. i does also look like it could be Candace Bergen

  14. Sean

    Jeez, that’s a rough-looking 45-year-old.

  15. cam

    She must be sick. There is something seriously wrong with her.

  16. Wicki

    This is how she looks. I saw the previews of her new film (she plays a romantic lead opposite Colin Firth) and I admit I was shocked. I am ashamed to say it was uncomfortable watching it, she looked so aged. Ashamed because I am 47 myself, but…fatter. So I guess there’s the secret.

  17. Jinxy McDeath

    Lifestyle Lift!She can afford the 4k and it would be a wise investment unless she’s dying to play the ‘grandma’ part in movies. Wow. Obvs I have insomnia and watch paid programming before dawn.

  18. slagreznor

    I agree with Cam — there is DEFINITELY wrong with her. Anorexia? Leukemia? SOMETHING, definitely.

  19. iieee

    She looks like a chemo patient.

  20. lisa

    Wow…I’m glad to see the people that had the same first impression that I did. Without the header, I would have bet money this was Candace Bergen. Although, as my husband said, her face is far thinner than Candace’s. I’m going to be 46 in July and may I say, I look FAR better than her? Makes me happier about my extra 30 pounds.

  21. Tokyokitty

    there is no way she is in her 40′s. My mom is 76 years old and does not look like that. I’m really shocked to see that. Maybe she is sick, as one poster said. Or genetics?

  22. fauxpas

    Is she a smoker? That would be my guess.

  23. wednesday

    Starvation, vomiting.. NO FAT diet and stress will suck the youthful life out of you.

  24. Zelda F.

    I just plain don’t believe the photo is real. It’s got to be doctored. No way she looks like that, regardless of her fat or cigarette intake. I call bullshit.

  25. henry blince

    Her brother Mike will come get you.

  26. britegray

    She’s never been pretty anyway. She has an extremely high forehead and very thing lips that are always pursed. And now this just looks worse. Poster “C” was right, she does look like Candice Bergin.

  27. idl3mind

    Mad about WRINKLES

  28. keek

    Is it just a shadow or does she have a black eye underneath her sunshades? I hope not. It’s obviously not a plastic surgery scar, I truly don’t mean that in a nasty way, but it obviously isn’t.

  29. Jose

    Oh My, I would suspect some photoshopping here, Helen Hunt is only around 45…in any case, if it is accurate then this is a good reason why women should put on a few pounds as they age and forget that they are not 20 anymore.

  30. Morris

    You are all missing the point.

    She can suck a golf ball through a hosepipe, that is all that really matters.

  31. Mr.Mann

    No!! This IS NOT Helen Hunt!!

  32. Mr.Mann

    No!! This IS NOT Helen Hunt the actress!!!

  33. Richard H

    This is a doctored or trick photo.

  34. Richard H

    Trick photography.

  35. bfz

    http://modelvolume.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/helen_hunt.jpg This is her in September 2007, where she looks a lot better.

  36. Tina

    Yes, it IS Helen Hunt! Just saw her new movie, and she looks like that thru the whole thing! I was surprised too…..poor thing. I agree, some cookies would be good!

  37. Jason

    I watched her latest movie, The she found me, and not only was it painful to watch because it was such a crapy movie but SHE was hard to watch. The entire cast looked younger then her, including Bette Middler, and the guys she was supposed to have love interests with, she could have been their mother. Either she has cancer or is severly malnourished, she looks 70 years old. The last time I saw a group of young people look like that, they were on the raw food diet. She needs to eat normal food.

  38. danny

    your all fucking retarted i saw her latest movie and she looks 45 not fucking 80

  39. danny

    your all fucking retarted i saw her latest movie and she looks 45 not fucking 80

  40. D

    I do believe the photos are real, unfortunately. I just finished watching “Then She Found Me” and I was stunned to see the way she looked. As one person here said, the entire cast looked younger than her, including Bette Midler. It was not believable that Bette portrayed Hunt’s mom. I would have thought they could have played each other’s sisters first. Helen was a lovely looking lady during her Mad About You days, but seeing her in her latest movie was a real shocker.

  41. tct

    I too had a hard time watching “Then she found me” staring in and directed by Helen Hunt. In the beginning scenes Helen looked emaciated, as though she was in a death grip. What effected me most were her lifeless eyes, glassed over like she hadn’t slept in a month. Coupled with her obvious skeleton like weight loss she was very very difficult to watch.

    Often movie scenes are shot out of sequence so I endured the production just to see if Helen looked the same throughout the movie and sure enough she seemed to have had more fat on her body in the final scenes. In one scene she took off her shirt uncovering an thin, but not all that frail, body. Obviously the weight loss occurred throughout the shooting of this film. Possibly stress related since this was her directorial debut. Very sad because the movie could have been at least as good as any other Lifetime Network fare, if not for Helen dying before our eyes.

  42. sue

    I saw “Then she found me, and then went online and looked at pictures from two years ago. She looks COMPLETELY different. She is either starving herself to death or she is dying of cancer and hiding it. I wish her the very best if she has cancer, andhope she will come out and admit it, so she can feel supported!

  43. mohsen sadi


  44. RC

    I’ve seen “Then She Found Me”. This is NOT Helen Hunt. She looks NOTHING like this. I don’t know who this is, but it isn’t her. Don’t believe everything sourced from “The Enquirer” or other shameless rags. The paparazi will try to pass off anything to make a buck.

  45. RC

    I have seen “Then She Found Me” and this IS NOT Helen Hunt. The woman in this photo doesn’t look anything like her in the movie. Don’t believe everything you read on sites like this or in shameless rags like “The Enquirer”. The paparazi will try to pass off anything to make a buck.

  46. Mo K.

    Yikes! About 8 yrs. ago people started telling me I looked like Helen Hunt (which is kinda weird, b.c. I won a Princess Di lookalike contest in the 80s). I sure hope they were thinking about her “Mad About You” days!! And she’s only 6 months older than I.
    She definitely needs to put some meat on her bones, but I’m having a hard time believing this photo hasn’t been altered somewhat. Or maybe she was going to a shoot for a new film and was in makeup to make her look older.

  47. Jimbo

    I’d still completely bone her no matter what her face looks like! She has awesome tits and I really won’t be able to see her face if I’m fucking her in the ass anyway (doggie style of course).

  48. Pate

    This isn’t from natural aging, people. No way does a healthy 46-year-old look like she is 80. Something is wrong here. She is sick or anorexic or something. What a shame… :-(

  49. TechnoONE

    I am sure it is not Helen Hunt. This photo is most likely Candice Bergen and the photographer labelled it wrong.

    I would suggest search any major photo agencies for Helen Hunt and there are photos of her taken in April 2010 and it is not even close to this photo.

  50. Daphne
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, what happened to her? I’ve always loved her. I wanted so bad to be like her in many ways on the Mad about You show. She looks terrible. I feel for her. I hope her life is going to get better. I still love Helen.

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