Heidi’s Family Jewels

Klum has become an accessory extraordinaire. While donning the jewelry she has created for Mouawad she tells Life and Style magazine about the rocks that she’s got. A yellow, white and gold necklace sits on her collar bones. The price tag for Heidi’s creation is a mere $17,290. The same price tag for an affordable car. Or if you are light on cash, you can treat yourself to the $4,750 bracelet inspired by the cathedral in Italy.

Klum has created a line of jewelry for the humble and average Joe on QVC. Knockoffs are also popping up everywhere. The signature clover motif can be seen department stores jewelry counters. Further personal style advice from the model mother is in the latest issue of Life and Style. The “Project Runway” host will be launching her QVC line August 7th.

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