Heidi Montag Flips When Spencer Flirts

April 15th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Heidi “I’m Voting For John McCain” Montag got in quite a tizzy on last night’s episode of The Hills. She and her “girls” (you can tell they’re her friends by the stab wound scars in their backs) were enjoying a friendly “girls night out” at Hollywood’s S Bar when she spotted her exish-boyfriend flirting with a group of girls up at the bar. She held it together at the club, but this is how she felt inside.

“They’re taking shots?” she asked co-star/pretend friend Audrina Patridge three times in a row, clearly confusing the brunette who looked as perplexed as if Heidi were asking her what the capital of Nebraska was or how to use a hammer. The girl can barely chew her gum and sit still at the same time through the use of deep and focused concentration, much less try and maintain a conversation. By the way, Audrina would like you to know she’s voting for Tickle Me Elmo for president.

Also, did you know Heidi raps?

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com

By Lisa Timmons

  1. erin

    The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln (that’s with an “O”, my dear). And what we supposedly lack in sophistication, I guess we make up for in education…

    Don’t be a hater.

  2. Queen Caffeine

    Actually, it’s capital with an A. Also, who’s hating on Nebraska?

    I think what’s being implied here is that Audrina is an idiot. I seriously doubt anyone with half a brain thinks that anyone on that show is “sophisticated.”

  3. Phil

    Nebraska is “The Good Life” … you don’t have to take my word, just read the sign when you drive into the state. If the sign says it then it must be true.

  4. tina

    This to me is a normal couple doing normal things, they are really nice looking to boot!

  5. Nanc'

    I just don’t see her attraction to him. He’s so…GIRLY-looking. Then again, I’m no longer in my teens/20s and this seems to be what young girls like nowadays. (re: Ashlee and Pete)
    To each her own I guess but she might want to watch-out for any hot guys who happen to be hanging around a lot.

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