Heidi Montag Flips When Spencer Flirts

Heidi “I’m Voting For John McCain” Montag got in quite a tizzy on last night’s episode of The Hills. She and her “girls” (you can tell they’re her friends by the stab wound scars in their backs) were enjoying a friendly “girls night out” at Hollywood’s S Bar when she spotted her exish-boyfriend flirting with a group of girls up at the bar. She held it together at the club, but this is how she felt inside.

“They’re taking shots?” she asked co-star/pretend friend Audrina Patridge three times in a row, clearly confusing the brunette who looked as perplexed as if Heidi were asking her what the capital of Nebraska was or how to use a hammer. The girl can barely chew her gum and sit still at the same time through the use of deep and focused concentration, much less try and maintain a conversation. By the way, Audrina would like you to know she’s voting for Tickle Me Elmo for president.

Also, did you know Heidi raps?

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com