Heidi Montag’s Plastic Make-Over Didn’t Give Her Immediate Fulfillment

How many more articles can come from Heidi Montag making a comment about her surgeries

I’m predicting at least two more: the Penthouse pictures, since even with the practice I can’t see Playboy biting again, and a series of bikini pics with some sort of headline like “It was so hard for me to find a top with my new boobs!”  This news flash has to do with the fact that Heidi was not so into the bruises and pain of surgery.

Surgery hurts you say? You mean you don’t go into a magic box full of rainbows and sunshine and have your ears pinned back by angels?

Her other half Spencer Pratt told Us that Heidi “came out of the hospital and the only thing she was saying was that the doctor better hide. She wasn’t happy.” She is also still unhappy with those giant chesticles.

“I didn’t get them as big as I originally wanted,” she said and her husband added, “She doesn’t stop talking about it.” Good god, any bigger and those things are bound to suffocate someone.  Wait, this is an excellent idea and sure to bring happiness….for the rest of us.

Here’s the couple hosting a Pre-Valentine’s Pparty at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday and hopefully making some cash for more CCs.