Heidi Montag’s Boobs Are Taken Care Of

Because there was nothing else to really say or dramatic to do, Heidi Montag wrote on her Twitter page yesterday the importance of paying attention to your breast implants.

“Giving myself a soft tissue breast massage,” Montag, 23, wrote. “Ladies we have to keep those breast implants soft.”

I didn’t know that breast implants needed that much maintenance or that they required massage to be enjoyable.

Just one day before she also offered cautionary advice about plastic surgery, writing, “Warning: to anyone who is thinking about getting their ears pinned, I learned after the fact it is the most painful surgery a person can get,” she wrote.

All of this comes on the heels of her announcement a few weeks ago that she wants to get a breast reduction. I swear, will she ever just be happy? Wait – I already know the answer to that!

Here are some photos from Heidi earlier this year where she celebrates a club opening in Las Vegas!