Heidi Montag Tweets An Audition Video For ‘Transformers 3′

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag went shooting during the era of daily posed pics in 2008, but Heidi’s was back at the range recently and not only to see if she can still squeeze her arms together to do shoot.

Heidi posted a video of her at the shooting range on her Twitter page, with a not terrible convincing opening line, “This is for you, Michael Bay” before moving around a firing range hitting targets. This is her audition to replace the booted or fed up Megan Fox in Transformers 3.

This is retarded. Not because she didn’t even try to act, which isn’t necessary, but if you want to get noticed by Michael Bay you should put down the gun, strip down to what you payed, for, and find something to lather up with. Which come to think of it, I’m surprised isn’t in your posed paparazzi pic portfolio already. Not that you’ll be given a shot to help carry a multi-million dollar movie, but at least Michael would look up.