Heidi Montag Sings

September 19th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Sort of. She lip-syncs very oddly. Maybe it’s her huge mouth? It almost looks as if she could swallow that microphone whole at any point in time.

By Michael Prieve

  1. laura

    I think its her jazz hands that make is so great

  2. T-Bone

    This girl is attractive; however, are we trying to make a star out of someone who really doesn’t have “star” qualities? Something with which to ponder.

  3. Chaz

    I would think someone starring in a fake TV show about her fake life with a fake boyfriend would be able to fake singing better than that.

    I hate to sound like an old fart, but anyone seriously into “The Hills” and its personalities really needs to turn off the TV set and rejoin the rest of Planet Earth.

  4. Liz

    Well Chaz, apparently you are “into” the show as much as you’d hate to admit it since you know what it’s about enough to make that comment.
    ‘Physician heal thyself’

  5. I felt like yelling out Praise Jesus everytime she raised her hands.

    A religious experience on so many levels.

  6. me

    she needs to learn how to dance. ive seen her on the hills dancing and homegirl needs to learn some new moves. Team Lauren!

  7. Chaz

    Liz, all I know about the show is what I read here. Hit close to home, did I?

  8. krystyn

    oh I don’t find this hooker attractive at all. She looks like her mama mated with a damn horse.

  9. Colby

    What a talentless ho-bag! I cannot stand this girl. I feel like The Hills was more fun to watch when its stars weren’t “newsworthy” (not that they are now).

  10. Craptastic


  11. 2 Old 4 This


  12. Jen

    holy hell, Spencer looks like he thinks he’s at a REVIVAL. This is terrible, in the truest sense of the word. What a whack-job.

  13. cris

    she needs to stop it with the diva gestures and put that shit away.

    it actually looks like she dancing around and lip synching to one of her favorite artists on tv (circa 10 years old). so that’s how she got those moves…

  14. Pootie

    Now that….is embarrasin!

  15. gracie

    Does she actually think she’s going to be a hit? Has anyone hit her and Spencer with a reality check yet?

    She’s terrible. Whoever it was that said she looked like a 10 year old playing “singer” is so spot on.

  16. Persistent Cat

    The hands were hilarious. How could anyone be that into a song like that? It’s like, have you ever watched something shitty like America’s Funniest Videos or some crap like that, something your parents like, and there’s a dumb joke or a loser-ass video that is dumb as shit and they cut to the audience who are laughing hysterically and wiping tears from their eyes and you’re thinking, “seriously?? that???” That’s what I thought of when I watched that.

    She’s got Tori Spelling face.

  17. Why_Do_I_Care?

    What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. Her.

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