Heidi Montag Has A Song

And it’s god awful. FInd your inner talent and cultivate that instead. And if it’s showing your plastic cones off on the red carpet then stick with it. Enough! And then her douchebag RAPS on it. Are you kidding me? This hot track is called “Body Language” and she ruins a perfectly good Yaz song. Allison Moyet should roll up and beat her ass for this transgression.

On this morning’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM, Heidi demonstrated slightly less vocal range and talent than Bai Ling as she unveiled her new single “Body Language.” Then, as though that weren’t enough, Spencer — whose whiteness makes Vanilla Ice look like Jesse Jackson — flexed his hip-hop talent by rapping.

I’d rather sound a corkscrew than watch that damn “Hills” show. Too much is too much. These people make me ashamed of my caucasian heritage.