Heidi Montag Freed From The Burden Of Lauren Conrad’s Friendship

Heidi Montag got her ass on the Ellen show, and told her that no longer being fake friends with Lauren Conrad is a “weight off my shoulders.” You’d feel even lighter if you took those plastic domes off your chest, moron. The interview will air on Monday.

I seriously feel for the TV hosts who have to speak to this broad.

“Towards the end of our relationship she was just always yelling at me and nagging at me because she didn’t like my boyfriend [Spencer Pratt],” Montag said. No one likes your boyfriend, Heidi.

Heidi says that Lauren had a boyfriend that she “didn’t like” for several years, but she kept her yap shut. She thought it better that the two just “go our own ways.” I’m sure the writers did, too. Heidi said that the recent journalistic integrity-destroying Rolling Stone cover that featured all the Hills girls was “awkward.” Yeah, well, fake friendships designed for TV and passed off as “real” will do that.

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com