Heidi Montag’s New Single Makes An Empty Promise

Oh, that Heidi Montag. She leads such an exciting fake life. She’s just released her new single, “No More,” which sadly, isn’t referring to her efforts to break into the pop music industry. In it, her digitally-altered voice warbles, “I should have never let you have my heart/You made me not want to feel again/Made me scared to open up/Now I’m better off/No more bad days/Don’t need you to validate me.” Except for my parking, she adds in the next refrain.

Her voice has clearly been edited into oblivion and sounds like it’s being forced out of that tiny, pre-fab nose of hers. As for a music video for it, I have no idea how she’s going to top this well-crafted gem of cinema.

The source of her heartache was made apparent in last night’s episode of The Hills. During a heart-to-heart with Satan Spencer, she informs him that he is to move out of their apartment. Citing her frustration over losing her friends and her old nose life, the two decide to break up.

And Heidi’s resolve to reclaim her life away from the soul-sucking Spencer crumbles only after Spencer makes a meaningful romantic gesture.

Photos: WENN