Heidi Montag Puffs Em’ Up

December 31st, 2007 // 14 Comments

“Hills” denizen Heidi Montag is still hanging out with her ex-fiance Spencer Twat..I mean Pratt. Heidi and Spencer are the proud recipients of one of our patented A Socialite’s Life Bitchslap Awards this year. M.s Montag appears to have gotten her lips done. Nothing on her is real anymore. Anything natural has been replaced by plastic or some other sort of man-made material. They should sell her at IKEA. Here she is hanging with Spencer and Spencer’s sister Stephanie at the Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood. Damn, she looks like a widemouthed bass. Is that what she was going for?

Photos: Pacific Coast News Online

13 More images of Heidi Montag meeting Spencer Pratt for sushi at the Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood are after the jump.

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Photos: Pacific Coast News Online

By J. Harvey

  1. amanda

    Let me preface this by saying, I can’t stand this girl. That being said, I think the lips look ok, just weird with the gloss/lipstick color she is wearing. They’d be better with a different color.

  2. Dora

    OMG! She looks like Tori Spelling!

  3. Cali

    looks like someone has also had a brow lift recently, most likely a thread lift…

  4. Sooozie

    Her upper lips look absolutely horrible.

  5. Hey Cupcake

    I don’t get the lip puff thing. It’s not like the puffy area is actually LIP-colored. It looks like a second anus. How yummy!

  6. A lip job isn’t permanent and she probably still has swelling. What she does to her body is her business and her brow is lifted because of her expression.

  7. yourmom

    This girl is annoying, she tries way to hard.

  8. Stickler

    I’m sure someone has said this before, but “prat” means someone who is an idiot. I bet Spencer’s family added the extra “t”. Nice try, but actions speak louder than words…or names.

  9. Spencer is HOT though!
    Can’t believe he’s with Heidi still, seems too young and Hot!

  10. Kristen

    Her lips are horrible. She used to be cute, but now, she is ewwwww! Spencer is ewwwww too, so they make a perfect couple.:)

  11. Sarah

    Heidi’s lips look HORRIBLE!!

  12. Laura

    You go girl! EVERYONE would tweak themselves if they had the $$$. Her look is extreme, but isn’t it about extremes w/in such a publicized life? Nice lips and mock tan. Its nice to see white girls spending money to look “ethnic”.

  13. nadien

    she looks really horrible now. :|

  14. Christine

    If she really was a Christian as she claims to be than she would never have started with this morphic campaign to change her looks and wouldn’t be publicizing whenever she brushes her teeth. C’mon America–leave the God-given stuff alone and work on the inside….

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