Auditioning For Bridesmaids

November 2nd, 2007 // 14 Comments

“The Hills”‘ supervillains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are auditioning actors to appear in their upcoming televised wedding. Wait, why? No one one they know will appear in their wedding? Is it a lack of friends? If you have to pay people to be at your nuptials, you need to start over in life. They should just say “screw it” and start casting name people. We already know this is a big sham. Let New York be your maid of honor! She’s be an incredibly elegant addition to any wedding. Nothing says tradition like a bridesmaid with tattoos on her breasts and a lace front wig.

Sources close to the show tell me that producers are currently in the process of casting “key roles” for Spencer and Heidi’s upcoming wedding. We’re hearing that Roxy Olin (daughter of “Brothers & Sisters”‘ Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig), whom you’ll remember as Jason Lewis’ girlfriend on B&S, is in final talks to be “cast” as Heidi’s Maid of Honor!

Frauds! First their bodies are plastic and now their show is! Transparently so! They’re probably not even getting married. Their names aren’t even Spencer and Heidi! It’s all just bad CGI. Direct to video CGI. You 20-something ladies who are still watching this need to boycott!

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By J. Harvey

  1. 2 Old 4 This

    ooooo!!!! Where are they holding auditions?

    I wanna be the bridesmaid that sleeps with the groom the night before the wedding!

  2. 2 Old 4 This


  3. GP

    Wow, you really, really, REALLY destroyed the hell out of that post with your grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Are you high?

  4. Heidi

    I understand that this show is fake and everything… but being I am the same age as these ladies and the fact I have been watching them since I was in high school… I can’t just stop watching!

  5. Something is wrong with me

    2 Old…I think you’d have to be the best man to get action with that groom on the night before the nuptials.

  6. ;o

    Eh, New Yorks better than these people.
    New York might run around and bang random people on her show, but at least shes not hiding it and saying she didnt.

    If NY ever spread rumors about anyone, shed be all like ‘BITCH IT WAS ME WHAT NOW’.

    Yeah, I like New York. Shes Entertaining

  7. Jen#2

    Never would I watch that show, I dont’ understand how people could watch any of those shows that are on MTV. I’m from Canada so we get them all on MTV Canada (most Canadians watch MuchMusic if anything though). I saw that show about the birthdays once and I wanted to fly down there and kill the spoiled brat. The crap that is on that channel is mind blowing. I’ve never seen the hills or the one that spawned it (I can’t remember the name)I only know the names from gossip sites and I can’t imagine how people could watch shows of that nature or quality, 3 minutes and I would be going insane.

    I must admit that my opinion isn’t exactly well rounded as I have never actually seen the hills.

  8. Gen

    First, I wanted to say that I’m exactly that 20 yr old something girl that gets together with my 20 yr old friends every monday night to watch the hills (and get away from school, exams, assignments). We all know it’s fake, but it’s good entertainment while it lasts. Plus, makes us have something to look forward to on Mondays, because there’s literally nothing else to look forward to.

    And for Jen, I live in Ottawa and .. me and my friends are just normal girls who go to university..and we looooveee all these shitty-reality shows on MTV. So much more entertaining.. and for MuchMusic in Canada it’s definitely been going downhill since MTVCanada established themselves here…

  9. akare

    Montreal representing and MTV Canada SUCKS!

  10. Queencrone

    GP-seriously, what spelling mistakes? I’ve read it twice. I can’t find them. You must be a teacher or something.

  11. Starla

    They look like brother & sister. Creepy.

  12. stolidog

    you know he’s thinking “insert Brody here” in that top picture.

  13. truf

    what happened to Heidi’s older sister Holly? why isn’t she her maid of dishonor?

    it’d be sweet if her family disowned her and thats why she has to cast her wedding . . .

    or if everyone would realize heidi is a completely fabricated person from her boobs to her relationship.

    rumors in her hometown are circulating – she was seen without the fake engagement ring having lunch with her sister holly – seemingly upset . . . and her younger brother, skye, has confirmed that she and spencer are NOT together —- THAT should make for an interesting “wedding”

    what happened to the sanctity of marriage anyway?

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