Heidi Klum Not Happy to Have the Beckhams in Her Neighborhood

Posh and Becks, recent L.A. transplants, won’t find Heidi Klum showing up at their doorstep with a welcoming smile and casserole in hand. The Victoria’s Secret stunner is reportedly fed up all of the traffic in the neighborhood caused by the media attention surrounding the Beckham estate in Beverly Hills. Klum was on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno recently, and spilled to Jay on the subject.

“There is a paparazzi festival down the street from us now. You couldn’t even drive by because they were hanging out, waiting for them to leave their house. It’s kind of a pain.

“It’s rough – but it’s rougher for them than it is for us.”

I really, really wish that I lived in a fantasy world where Heidi Klum has finally had enough, walks over to the Beckhams house and tells them, “You’re OUT! Auf Wiedersehen,” smartly turns on her heel and leaves. Oh wait, I kind of do. It’s called Hollywood.

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