Heidi Klum Is Tired Of Whiny Contestants On ‘Project Runway’

Heidi Klum is in New York this week to shoot the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week grand finale of her hit show Project Runway, where Jessica Simpson presided as the surprise celebrity judge at the show, along with regulars Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

“We’re down to the final three but today we had all 17 designers back for the reunion,” she said. “And they’re very emotional designers, they ask a lot from themselves. And I think that’s why season eight has been very successful, because they reveal a lot of their feelings and people can connect more with that.”

However, she did add that they were a bunch of softies and that they show their emotions too much.

“They should bring all their best looks and they should bring their portfolio that shows they can draw, and that’s pretty much it,” Klum said about potential new contestants. “They don’t have to do a whole song and dance. I don’t think you have to dress up as a drag queen. If you’re good, and you have good designs, that should impress me. It’s about 50 designers that are chosen, and we look over them and pick 17.”

Check out Klum, Kors and Garcia at the Project Runway fashion show!