Heidi Klum Goes Naked For ‘Allure’ Three Months After Giving Birth

Heidi Klum did a photo shoot for Allure that exposed a lot of her new-mom body. The shoot was done three months after she gave birth to Lou Samuel. Heidi says the spread is about a woman’s ideal age, which she says is 36 (her age) and she talks a bit about aging gracefully and her life now.

She says she’s never “done any alterations, never done plastic surgery or botox” but focuses on staying out of the sun and being smart about nutrition. We’re guessing those physical super powers that models seem to be be blessed helps also. “I didn’t get stretch marks during my pregnancies, and I wasn’t even moisturizing myself like a maniac,” she says.

She’s currently enjoying 36 saying this is the ” most fulfilled I’ve ever been. I’m happily married have four children and life couldn’t be any better.” In the article she adds “I also have sweet children who don’t care that I just had another kid. They want to be into things and be loved and go in Ma’s bed when they get up early in the morning. So I’m always juggling the family and life with my husband.”

Sigh, I want her life. She seems to have it all and I don’t even hate her for the stretch mark comment because watching her in the video she seems like such a sweetheart.

Check out behind the scenes footage from her shoot at Pier 59 Studio West in LA after the jump.