Heidi Klum Eats Some More Food, Y’all

Are we obsessed with the fact that Heidi Klum actually eats on a regular basis? Maybe just a little. I don’t know if it makes me like her more, or if it makes me just despise her metabolism. And she’s had babies. I’m pretty sure I won’t be allowing myself to eat after having children. I’m not a supermodel. These are the measures regular people have to take, y’all. As if that’s not enough, her life sounds pretty awesome as a whole.

“My husband and I have an office in the corner of the house. We sit on either side of this big partner desk, which is an old French antique, and spend the day working, or talking, or watch the children playing by the pool. It is quite a beautiful life.”

If I didn’t know that she had said that in her cute, little voice with the German accent, I might have to be a hater. Alas, I cannot.


More photos of Heidi Klum having lunch at Bar Pitti after the jump.


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