Heidi Klum And Seal Should Have Checked “Maybe” On Their Evite To Elton John, Just To Be Safe


Because we love to make a big deal about what might end up being totally explainable, we’re going to join Star in speculating as to what it was that caused Seal to miss out on Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscar-viewing party this past Sunday.

Come with me and enjoy the tale of the absent power couple after the jump!

According to Star Magazine’s source:

“Audi sent a car to pick Seal and his plus one up,” says the source, who notes that the plus one was expected to be Heidi. “But Seal kept the car waiting for four hours. He kept delaying. Then it started to get really late and everyone was like, ‘Where’s Seal?’

“There was a spot for him at the President’s table and it was noticeably vacant. Seal had total VIP for everything because he’s done work for one of the sponsors, Audi, so everyone thought he’d be there for sure. But he was nowhere to be found. He either took the car to another party, was hiding in the bathroom or was still at home with Heidi and the kids.”

Maybe Seal was just having trouble deciding how to do his hair.