Heidi Klum Hypnotized by Oprah

October 29th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Wow, this woman simply doesn’t take a bad picture. And if you thought it was just Heidi Klum’s supermodel looks that you should covet, now you can hate on her because of her enviable relationship with hubby, Seal. I’m kidding–I can’t hate on old girl because when I saw the two of them on Oprah for their big interview together, they really were quite endearing. Seal sang a song that he wrote about his wife and the mother of his children on the morning of their wedding day. Sigh. And yes, it was totally sigh-inducing. But, as it turns out, Heidi revealed more than she had planned, even though she doesn’t regret being so open. She told People magazine:

“It is very strange, you trust her so much that you talk sometimes without realizing what you are saying.”

“She has a spell in her eyeballs that when she looks at you, you are like, ‘Yes.’”

I know what Heidi means. I’ve never been interviewed by her, but even watching the television, I’ve found myself revealing to tiny television Oprah my deepest darkest secrets. Luckily, I’m usually the only one in the room at the time, but that is just a demonstration of the great power of the O.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

More photos of Heidi Klum as she reveals her first ever signature makeup collection for Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Makeup held at Victoria’s Secret store at The Grove after the jump.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. moi

    Meh. I’ve never thought Heidi was good looking…I mean she’s not ugly, but for the fuss made about her…nah. Far prettier models out there. I do think she and Seal are a great couple. But I don’t think she’s attractive. I put her in the Sarah Jessica Parker group. Not quite attractive, but not smacked with the ugly stick either.

  2. peachpie

    yeah, i saw that show too. they are totally in love with each other and it’s so endearing. and how sweet was it when he started crying when he saw photos and heard stories about his foster family?? but then, oddly, the sister came out and then totally disappeared! what happened to her?? and how come the others didn’t want to come see him? i’m sure oprah’d have put them up in chi-town and given them some chow or something. wtf? maybe they don’t really like him or something. really weird. but, back to the point, seal and heidi were unbelievably sweet and seemingly a superb match for each other.

  3. Zekers

    I think Heidi’s fame came more for her Victoria’s Secret body than for her face…I still marvel at how she was able to look so awesome for the V.S. show 6 weeks after having her second child!

  4. me@me.com

    It’s called getting lipo after giving birth! Many stars do it. But in this case, I don’t care because I think Heidi really is a nice lady.

  5. winnie

    I don’t care how it sounds, but I just don’t like Heidi and Seal as a couple. They are SUCH a steretypical ‘jungle fever couple’ whew. ‘Curvy bleachy blonde w/ fake boobs and big, overendowed, dark black stud’. Goodbye to their unique heritages, HELLO light skinned mixie kid who looks Middle-Eastern. Black men need to STAY in their own communities, keeping their MONEY and their SEED where it belongs. Both have low self-esteem, dysfunctional family backgrounds, as that’s the kind who intermarry usually.

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