Heidi Klum Enjoys Third Emmy Nomination

As if being a supermodel weren’t enough, now Victoria’s Secret angel Heidi Klum can now boast that she is a three-time Emmy nominee. The list of reasons why she’s better than me just continues to grow. Damn her. Her reality show on Bravo, “Project Runway,” is up for an award for the third time. And the big question, of course, is what she’s going to wear. From Usmagazine.com:

“The very first time I got nominated, I asked the winner of the first season, Jay McCarroll, to design something. He had all these great ideas, and then designed something that was absolutely not appropriate. It was not an evening-red carpet thing for the Emmys–it was like an MTV/Halloween costume! I could not have gone that way. At the end of the day, I said no…He got upset.”

I’m really hoping there’s drama this time as well. Why? Because my life is dull. I need to live vicariously through the trials and tribulations of reality television stars to avoid examining my own problems. (*Nervous laughter*) Everything’s fine! I’m fine! Sigh.