Heidi Fleiss Thanks God For Abortions

January 5th, 2010 // 2 Comments


Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss has many things to thank God for- living the high life as a pimp for the stars and Hollywood elite, no longer dating Tom Sizemore, exiting prison unscathed, overcoming addiction and the list goes on. But what is she most thankful for? Abortions, of course!

While filming UK’s Celebrity Big Brother Heidi dropped a huge bomb on fellow contestants, including born-again Christian Stephan Baldwin and Dynasty actress Stephanie Beacham.

“I’ve never had kids, thank God for abortion, my God. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I wouldn’t be a good mother. I shouldn’t have kids.”

Umm…I’ll admit I’m flustered. But, hey, she did say she didn’t mean to offend anyone! If that doesn’t mitigate the controversy of her comment nothing could. 

The woman’s not delusional. With her current lifestyle and rocky past there’s no way she would make a good mother. Lucky for her, she’s on the brink menopause and fieldtrips to the clinic will be a thing of the past.

And let’s be totally honest with ourselves, aren’t you just a bit relieved? Can you imagine the spawn of Fleiss and Tom Sizemore running around this planet?

Gallery Info: Heidi Fleiss enters the Celebrity Big Brother House on January 3, 2010. 

By Jessika Marie

  1. Mia

    Nothing wrong with what she said as she was only being honest. She did add in, Not To Offend Anyone.
    I am sure you Americans will freak out about the comment as you always seem to do.
    Her Body, Her Choice!

  2. Susan

    Mia, “her body, her choice” is the kind of response that simplifies an issue to the point of nonsense. Her “choice” involves the ending of another life and that person has no choice in the matter. I could “choose” to blow your head off. If you have a problem with that, you are anti-choice.

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