Ms. Montag Won’t Go To Washington

Now, our continued coverage of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt is a point of contention for a number of you readers, but at least we’re just a lowly gossip blog. Reality TV “stars” and fame-whores are our bread and butter. But we expect more from MSBNC–they’re not us, after all.

Page Six is reporting that MSNBC had invited Heidi Montag as a guest at their table for the White House Correspondents gala. Reportedly, after Spencer got involved, things went sour and the invite ultimately fizzled. According to an unnamed source, “He demanded first-class tickets for both him and Heidi – even though he wasn’t invited.”

Now, MSNBC is denying that any such invitation was ever extended while Heidi and Spencer’s rep claims, “There was a scheduling conflict so they couldn’t make it – but they always travel together.” That way, they only have to pack one bottle of peroxide and self-tanner at a time. Consolidation is key, with these two. The best illustration of that is how they share a single brain.


More photos of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt terrorizing the citizens of New York City with their presence after the jump.