Heidi Montag Takes A Break From Plastic Surgery…For Now

Heidi Montag’s taking a breather from plastic surgery.  Passing off the torch to Bristol Palin, Montag told Us Weekly that she’ll put plans for a new torso/shoulder blade/chin on the shelf for now: “Obviously when I get a little older, I’ll take it from there, but for this moment, I don’t want anything to do with plastic surgery!”

You’re sad.

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Montag made an appearance at the Lemon Basket restaurant opening in West Hollywood yesterday alongside Reality Food co-stars Jake Pavelka, Ashley Dupre, Danielle Staub and Vincent Pastore. The G-Listers are tasked with running a restaurant in Los Angeles, and we’re hoping a weave or two gets yanked out in the process (we’re looking at you, Pavelka).

The fantastic plastic vows to now keep her personal life personal, refusing to talk about her mom or her husband, the painful Spencer Pratt.  Playah, please.  Bitch will be selling some asinine story about whatnot in two months when she falls behind on car payments.