Heidi Montag Rents The Good Life

The cat’s out of the bag and we can all rest easy tonight.  Heidi Montag has a job on a reality television show and we were lucky enough to find out what that reality show is about.  Montag, along with the Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka and Ashley Dupre, will face the daunting task of opening a restaurant within 28 days on some unnamed VH1 series.  Isn’t that a great idea?

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Out in LA spending money she hasn’t yet earned (and toting a Birkin she either hasn’t paid off or bought on Canal Street), Montag took husband Spencer Pratt along to try on a few luxury items.  First stop on the agenda was a Ferrari rental.  The two lovebirds stopped by an LA showroom to rent said vehicle for flash purposes.  Next stop was a jewelry store to pick up some more rentals, this time for pieces meant to adorn Montag’s enhanced figure.

And what’s with the McGyver sunglasses?