Heidi Klum’s Boyfriend, Martin Kristen Wants Seal To ‘Man Up’ [PHOTOS]

Heidi Stands Up To Caner
The star lost her pants in a PSA
Look out, Seal.  The dude who is fornicating with your estranged wife won’t tolerate no disrespect when it comes to his woman.

“Martin’s an old-fashioned guy and will not stand to be disrespected. But more than that, he won’t stand to have his woman disrespected,” a source told the National Enquirer (via OMG Yahoo India) of Heidi Klum’s bodyguard, Martin Kristen

“Man up and quit disrespecting Heidi,” the Australian was quoted as saying.  He and Klum took her kids to Chuck-E-Cheese in Los Angeles on Saturday (September 22nd) for a birthday party, one day before Klum walked the red carpet solo at the Emmy Awards.