Heidi Klum Talks New ‘Project Runway’ Season

Oh Heidi Klum. You so hot right now. The Project Runway host gave a little teaser about what we can look forward on the first episode of Runway’s new season. Did you guys know they’re on season 9? 9! Remember season 1? Good times.

Digital Spy tells us that episode 1 will definitely be something to look forward to. Heidi was on Good Morning America and told us all, “For the first challenge, all the designers meet and go back to their apartment and go to bed, then at one in the morning Tim Gunn knocks on the door and says, ‘OK, the first challenge is about to happen right now. You have to make an outfit with your pyjamas’. Some [of the designers] didn’t wear much. Some just had little boxer shorts on or a little T-shirt, others had more on. The more they had on the better because they had more fabric!”

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That actually sounds like a fun challenge. I lost interest in Project Runway after it left Bravo for Lifetime, but I think I might have to check it out. As for Ms. Klum, we she just keeps on looking fabulous. Must be all that running around New York City. I’m really loving the dress here. Check out the gallery for more. You can even catch a glimpse of judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors.

Are you excited for more Project Runway? Are you OK with Heidi wearing uber short skirts? Let us know in the comments!