Heidi Klum Spotted In A Not So ‘Project Runway’ Worthy Ensemble

We know that Heidi Klum is going through a lot right now, but I don’t know if there’s any excuse for the outfit she was wearing while catching a flight to NYC from Los Angeles.  The usually fashion forward host of hit show ‘Project Runway’ showed up looking boho chic-esque in pink, purple, and peach jeans, red t-shirt, and an over sized granny cardigan.  She accessorized this gem of an outfit with black leather boots, trilby hat, and her wedding ring.

Le sigh.  I totally understand the whole reasoning to why Heidi and soon-to-be-ex-yet-no-divorce-papers-have-been-filed hubby Seal  still wear their rings.  I mean, I still sleep on my side of the bed even though it’s been months since my break up.  Change is hard.  But I feel that they are holding on to something that’s clearly broken. Heidi is obvi in mourning and it’s showing in her wardrobe choices.

She needs to take off that ring.  I want happy, well dressed Heidi back.