Heidi Klum Poses In Lingerie, Launches ‘Project Runway’ Book! [PHOTOS]

Hair Envy!
Klum on set for a hair commercial, looking amazing. Jealous!
It’s hard to believe it, but Project Runway is coming up on its TENTH season this year. I can’t believe it, and neither can showrunner, Heidi Klum. Today, the model turned show host was at Barnes & Noble in NYC launching the Project Runway book. Did you know that Project Runway has been on air longer than I Love Lucy? Crazy!

A couple things to look forward to this season:  first, fashion made on the streets. Yes, that’s right! They did an episode right in Times Square, where designers had to make two outfits and onlookers were able to watch on. Secondly, kid’s fashion might be incorporated this season. Finally!

Are you as excited about the next season of Runway as I am? It sounds like it’ll be a great one!