Heidi Klum Launches New Shoe Collection, Devours Carl’s Jr Burger [PHOTOS]

Heidi Klum Gets Sexy
Klum Celebrates The Project Runway Book Launch
Oh Seal! Look, look! Your ex wifey is looking like a babe.

Of course, the world already knew that but Heidi Klum just happens to be looking even sexier (and as always, with class) than ever with her appearance on the new Carl’s Jr. commercial.

Stylecaster reported that the commercial is a spoof of The Graduate. 

“Basically, I am Mrs. Robinson and I am seducing this cute little boy … with my burger,” Klum said, matter-of-factly. “I shove the burger in his mouth in a sexy way.” (via Stylecaster)

I don’t think many people would oppose to having a greasy-filled burger pushed into their mouths by Klum.

The casting of Klum seemed to have been a perfect choice.

“I do eat a lot of burgers,” Klum said in the behind-the-scenes footage for the Carls Jr. commercial. “I do also eat a lot of fries. The burger is very, very yummy and I had a lot of them today so I’m kind of an expert on the Bourbon Burger.”

What?! How does she look so good if she stuffs her face with carbs?

It must be all that working out and the weight lifting. Yes, that’s it.

Check out Klum (looking ridiculously impressive at age 39) at the launch of her new collection, ‘Heidi Klum for New Balance’ in the gallery.