Heidi Klum Is Not Leaving Project Runway, Thank Heavens

The rumors have been put to rest. A spokesperson for Lifetime network tells People that Heidi Klum is NOT leaving Project Runway. Season 9 of the fashion competition premiered last week, and an all-star season is currently filming in New York City (Klum will not act as host).

PHOTOS: Heidi Klum Hits The Pavement

The supermodel recently brought up the  topic of tackling hair challenges with her brood via her Huffington Post blog.  Klum expressed how different it is to care for the hair of her three children – Henry, Johan and Lou – with husband Seal since she was used to the texture of her daughter Leni’s straight, blond hair. Lamar Odom recommended his hair stylist to Klum, who took the LA Laker’s advice. “He gave my kids these buzz cuts with amazing individual designs…great for the summer because they’re COOL, in both senses of the word!” wrote Klum.

Keeping busy this summer, Klum got the masses fired up for a run in Central Park July 21st despite sweltering temperatures as part of her fitness initiative.