Heidi Klum & Family Have A Long, Los Angeles Day [PHOTOS]

Heidi Klum Hits NYC
The Lovely Lady Klum Looks Fab In New York City.
That Heidi Klum is always busy. I mean she’s got four kids, all of whom have some sort of after school activity, plus she’s a model, and going through a divorce–when does this woman ever have time to sleep? She must really enjoy those rare nights she gets to hang out with friends

Heidi and her crew were spotted in Los Angeles this weekend going to karate class then heading to the Grove to enjoy the California sun. Heidi’s mom also tagged along. What a sweet grandma to come and help out. Her grandkids are rather adorable, so who wouldn’t want to hang out with them. 

Heidi has said she’s been having a tough time of it lately, but looking at these photos, she’s taking it all in stride. Let us know what you think by checking out the gallery. Also, her kids are super cute so it’s totally worth it.