Heather Mills Stops Being Polite And Starts Getting Real

The Daily Mail reports:

Heather Mills is putting further pressure on Paul McCartney by filming a video diary of the couple’s increasingly acrimonious split. The former Beatle is understood to be concerned that the footage might easily be made into a television documentary to be sold to a broadcaster. At present, the hours of camcorder tapes concentrate mainly on the frenzied press interest around Miss Mills. But on a number of occasions recently, footage has also been filmed by Miss Mills and her aides of crucial points in the relationship break-down, such as when she was recently locked out of her estranged husband’s London home, for example. Sources claim the video diary is being made as an ‘insurance policy’ for Heather which might be used to pressure Sir Paul into a position where he will agree to a greater proportion of his fortune going to his estranged wife. If broadcast and carefully edited, such a documentary could help sway public opinion in her Heather’s favour by portraying her as a victim in an increasingly bitter divorce.

Hmm…I think I smell a reality show. My only suggestion would be to have Janice Dickinson serve as the presiding judge over a panel of celebrity judgest that decides the couple’s fate based on their ability to partner up with professional dancers and undergo a 3-week full-body makeover while searching for buried treasure.