Heather Mills Playing Hardball During Divorce Settlement Talks


This woman will not be undersold! She can do one-legged flips on the dance floor and feels that she should be compensated as such! The former wife of Paul McCartney was offered $41 million in a divorce settlement, but declined, stating that she’d much prefer to get $102 million, according to the Times of London.

One lawyer said: “It could well go to trial because they are both quite stubborn.”

He added: “Five days is only a relatively short hearing but then the issues are fairly straightforward and it was a short marriage.”

Man, these two love to tussle. With Paul reportedly worth a cool $1.6 billion, Heather’s got her sights set high and if these two don’t reach some kind of agreement on their own, then a trial set to take place in February should hopefully resolve the matter. Man, if I were her, I’d be doing everything I could in court to try and impress a judge or jury–I’m not sure which would be there. I’d be doing flips, cartwheels and the most complicated yoga poses I could muster, all in the while saying, “See? Look what I can do. This costs money.”