Heather Mills Playing Hardball During Divorce Settlement Talks

July 19th, 2007 // 11 Comments


This woman will not be undersold! She can do one-legged flips on the dance floor and feels that she should be compensated as such! The former wife of Paul McCartney was offered $41 million in a divorce settlement, but declined, stating that she’d much prefer to get $102 million, according to the Times of London.

One lawyer said: “It could well go to trial because they are both quite stubborn.”

He added: “Five days is only a relatively short hearing but then the issues are fairly straightforward and it was a short marriage.”

Man, these two love to tussle. With Paul reportedly worth a cool $1.6 billion, Heather’s got her sights set high and if these two don’t reach some kind of agreement on their own, then a trial set to take place in February should hopefully resolve the matter. Man, if I were her, I’d be doing everything I could in court to try and impress a judge or jury–I’m not sure which would be there. I’d be doing flips, cartwheels and the most complicated yoga poses I could muster, all in the while saying, “See? Look what I can do. This costs money.”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. TheRage

    wow. i’ll be lucky if i ever see ONE million dollars and she can’t settle for FORTY-one?? greedy!

  2. FUGLY

    Man, I know her leg got cut off in some sort of accident, but what the hell happened to her face? Did it get mangled as well? Lopsided horseface.

  3. I think he should give it to Pegleg…in pennies via a dumptruck onto her lawn. Rancid gold digger.

  4. i dont understand the rationale for her to think she deserves a dime. DOnt pull tat im used to this lifestyle well stay used to marriage. I say give her 4 million.Take half custody of child and nochild support.

  5. Tonysgirl

    uggghhh, gold digger, hide all your grandmas silver!!!

  6. devil

    All the money in the world can’t fix Heather’s face – ruined from so much botched plastic surgery. She’s doomed to live the rest of her life with a face nearly as ugly as her soul.

    Heather Mills has no redeeming qualities. She shouldn’t get a dime from McCartney and should lose custody of their child.

  7. Lena

    gold-digging slut :)

  8. Lena

    gold-digging slut :)

  9. madi

    damn…yall dont even know this person…and yall are sitting there talking all this fucking smack about her like you’ve known her for 20 years…

  10. jbonz

    See, Paul? We told you the birds aren’t all like Linda.

  11. Zekers

    For just a few years (4?) of marriage, during which time I’m sure her standard of living improved immensely, she seems to have no conscience about demanding money…like he owes her…for what???
    She always claimed she wasn’t after his money-me thinks she lied.

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