Heather Mills’ New ‘Do Inspired By Cockatiel

Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills displayed a truly unique (read as: FUGZ) hairdo over the weekend at the anniversary of her vegan restaurant. Now, the hair probably wouldn’t be so bad if she had either run some product and a comb through it, but she didn’t and then she paired it with a dress that would take you on an acid trip without having to actually take drugs.

She was seen around the event chatting with locals and enjoying all the people that came out to the event. Before the restaurant opened last year, she said “‘My grandmother lived here for 38 years so I really want it to be somewhere elderly people can go as well,” then she added, “It is going to be really funky, with nice music and ambiance and good staff.”

Two words that don’t go near each other ever are ‘funky’ and ‘elderly.’ If so, they are referring to Lady Gaga grandpa dance.

Check out Heather’s look below. Thoughts?