Heather Mills Making One-Legged Golddiggers Look Good, Limber

Heather Mills is working that fake leg for all it’s worth on Dancing With The Stars. She’s doing back-flips! I’m starting to understand why Beatle Paul was so into her ass. She can do tricks!

Heather Mills stunned judges in the US version of Strictly Come Dancing with an audacious routine which included a daring back-flip.

Wearing a green sequinned catsuit, Ms Mills left the panel of choreographers temporarily speechless by completing the tricky move despite wearing a prosthesis after losing part of one leg in a 1993 traffic accident.

Fellow judge Carrie Ann Inaba said: “I’m just so blown away by you. The level of difficulty in that routine was far higher than anyone else’s routine tonight and you would think you wouldn’t throw that in, but you did and you nailed it.”

The former model, 39, who is taking part in Dancing With The Stars during her bitter divorce from Sir Paul McCartney, then appealed to the TV audience not to vote her off.

Beatles fans are still clamoring for her to get booted off. I don’t care what they say, the tide is turning for this ho. She makes me want to put on MY sequined catsuit and dance, dance I say!

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