Heather Mills Is Lowdown

February 20th, 2007 // 13 Comments


Heather Mills’s not afraid to roll her ass in the mud. She’s allegedly going to start claiming that Paul McCartney’s parenting skills drove two of his kids to attempt to stick their heads in the oven . That’s my Sylvia Plath reference to indicate that they supposedly tried to commit suicide. You know, the Bell Jar? See, I read things! Sometimes.

“Paul is asking for full custody of their child, Beatrice,” a friend of Mills told us. “Heather is furious. There is no way she would ever, ever agree to that.”

Mills is so desperate to keep Beatrice that she is prepared to make the outrageous and unsubstantiated claim to a London divorce court that Paul was such “a bad father” to two of his children with Linda McCartney that they considered taking their own lives. McCartney has four adult children from his happy marriage to Linda – Heather, Mary, Stella and James.

There is no evidence that any McCartney child has ever considered committing suicide. All of his adult children have always said how much they love and admire their father – and come out against Mills.

Heather has also fired her divorce attorneys, feeling that she could do a “better job”. You know what they say – one-legged fool for a client. God, and I had gotten so far without mentioning the wooden leg. Seriously though, she appears to be full-on evil so I’m acting on behalf of karma here.

By J. Harvey

  1. declanium

    ummmm, when did any of the McCartney brood ever end up in the tabloids? I think that they have kept their noses clean, so to speak. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a picture of Paul’s son.

  2. HelenSparkles

    Anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client.

  3. Tonysgirl

    She must be really desperate to stoop that low.
    I hope Paul does get full custody, because if not pooor Beatrice will suffer with her mother.

    And I agree with #1 comments about pauls children.

    Heather is not only a fool, but a wacko who reminds me of that movie “Fatal Attraction”…next thing you know she will be stalking Paul and boiling rabbits in his house.

  4. Geezus

    Woman is batshit insane quite frankly. $200 million wasn’t enough money for her so now she’s trying to get more? Give ME a break! Give me that $200M and I’ll make good use of it. She’s a vindictive she-beast who doesn’t know when she has a good deal. And like someone above said, it’s a true IDIOT who represents themselves in court. If i was a judge, I’d give custody of the little girl to a lion at the zoo before I gave her to that fruit loop. She invented the phrase “attention whore”.

  5. Span

    You can’t act on karma’s behalf! Heed the wise words of Homer Simpson: Karma can only be portioned out by the cosmos.

  6. Kim

    I hope she gets termites in her leg.

  7. ILSA

    I’d like to go up and kick that fake leg out from under her.

  8. anna

    That woman was caught out and proved to be a liar and fantasist at least twice before she even married Paul.

    His only crime was being blind enough to fall for her sob stories…

    I hope that poor child ends up in full custody of her father. Her mother is sadly mentally unhinged and just plain old greedy…

  9. lula

    I remember seeing pictures of Paul’s son (James?), he was looking very scruffy (dressed in old, ugly clothes) and there was mentioning of Paul being very stingy and not giving his son any money. This was years ago.

  10. petecocksucker

    You fukking cocksukkers!!!! you can all suck my hydro carbon abusing ass!!! By the way .. my website is here. I fukking tripple dare you!!!!

  11. DianeSelwyn

    You people are the fools for believing the story has any merit. It ran in the NY Post fer Crissake! If they said G.W. Bush was still president I’d have to doublecheck it. Plus it’s an “unnamed source.” Meaning = very unlikely to be true. Read the last sentence, where Paul’s rep says they won’t be involved perpetuating tabloid gossip and take it to heart!

  12. That Bitch

    The leg she lost must have contained her soulm because this woman has no heart. Unreal.

  13. Jamie Rickman

    There will not be a divorce settlement because Paul wants to get back with Heather. If Paul really wanted to divorce Heather it would have been done by now. They are both claiming they still love each other and Paul is trying to work things out with Heather. Heather accused Paul of so many terrible things. If Paul does take her back he is a damn fool. The accusations she made about Paul can not be erased from the history records. The world knows what she accused Paul of and Paul should remember that if he is considering taking her back. I think Paul would lose many friends and family members again if he got back with Heather. It would be like a huge slap in the face to his friends and family that have stood by through this mess with Heather.

    ~ Jamie
    (Liverpool, England)

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