Heather Mills Is Busy Dancin’ And Divorcin’

March 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments


And she’s pissed because she’s saying that Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer is dragging out proceedings to make things take longer than she believes they should. Her recent interview on Larry King Live saw her squelch rumors that there had been a settlement made, and also discuss her opinion on her husband’s attorney, Fiona Shackleton:

“There’s no settlement.

“Fiona Shackleton wants to drag things out. She’s said some pretty mean-spirited things about me when I was in a wheelchair. But she is not a very nice person and she has made it as difficult as possible.”

Ooh, Fiona! Girl, did you hear that? I heard she also thinks you have cankles and B.O.

(Sometimes, you really have to rile them up to get anything interesting to happen. Feel free to join in.)

By Lisa Timmons

  1. The only reason she is over here on Dancing With The Stars is because everyone in England wants to beat her down with that peg leg. I would imagine it won’t be long before America feels the same way.

  2. Goldiggah

    What a bitch that Fiona must be!

    How can anyone be mean to a woman who just wants half of the gajillion dollar fortune of a man who trusted she married him for love and didn’t demand a prenup? How can anyone say anything bad about a woman who has been proven to “fudge” the truth to make herself seem more saintly and sympathetic. How can anyone say mean things about a woman who was a former call girl and did really bad cheescake German porno photography and calls that a “modelling career”?

  3. Amy

    Heather Mills… I saw the episode Monday and they described her as a charity blah blah. Not to mention they spent half the time playing up the leg.

    I have never heard my mum call anyone a slut until they mentioned her name. Wow

  4. declanium

    y’know, I had kept an open mind on her, but then I saw her on Larry King, and she said that when she met Paul, he was grief-stricken and depressed, and that she single-handedly took him out of that back into the world. A little self-important maybe? My mind shut.

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