Heather Mills Hangs Up Her Dancing Shoe

After an incredibly impressive run on the dance floor during her stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” Heather Mills’ finally ran out of moves and was booted off the reality dance competition last night. Competing with a prosthetic leg added an extra challenge to the woman who will soon be known as an ex-wife of a Beatle, but it was her “great passion and fire” that carried her through each dance challenge, until now.

A tumble last week at the end of her samba and a so-so Paso Doble last night did her in, however.

“We knew we were going out,” Mills said, thanking partner Jonathan Roberts along with the rest of the cast and crew after plucking a prepared speech out of her sparkly dancing dress. “We were in the bottom two last week. We’re not surprised.” The animal rights champion added that her participation has “raised a fortune for out charity and hundreds of thousands of animals’ lives will be saved.”

Uh oh, Heather. Now that you’re done dancing, I might just have to go back to hating you. Unless you also do flips in divorce court, in which case, you could possibly stay in my good graces.