Heather Mills and Her Leg to Dance with the Stars

February 21st, 2007 // 5 Comments


Heather Mills is among the “stars” set to compete on the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Billy Ray Cyrus, Joey Fatone from ‘N Sync, Leeza Gibbons and Beverly Hills 90210′s Ian Ziering are just a few of the stars who will be competing in the fourth season of the wildly successful reality phenomenon. People chatted with executive producer, Conrad Greene about Mills’ addition to the cast.

“We thought it would be interesting to have someone with a disability on because we wanted to prove that dancing is something anyone can do,” Greene tells PEOPLE about Paul McCartney’s estranged wife, 39, who was one of the most buzzed-about rumored cast members. “She really wants to prove to people that a disability doesn’t hamper you in any way.”

I’m assuming he’s referring to her inability to love unconditionally.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. romary

    does every mindless show on the tube have to be ruined?

  2. declanium

    kick that gold-diggin’ ass to the curb!!!

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    Heather would like everyone to know that just because you are to stupid to cross a street, getting hit by a car and losing a leg is no reason not to marry a grieving rich widower and boost most of his hard earned cash and property all while distroying his reputation in the process. Disabilities don’t keep you from being a gold digging hag, YOU keep YOU from ripping people off. I hope J Harvey was right and she’ll decorate her fake leg with dangly bits of shiney stuff, to make it more lovely.

  4. desertboy

    When she does a high kick and that fake leg flies off and puts somebody’s eye out, don’t come crying to me.

  5. margaretta

    Why not have a Dancing with the Stars episode entitled, “Dancing with the Handicapped Stars?”
    They could feature midgets and bad plastic surgery victims…has beens on heavy drugs….oh, that’s The Surreal Life isn’t it?

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