Heather Mills’ Boobs Aren’t Getting Along

Heather Mills’ cleavage is experiencing its own personal Chernobyl. If you know your titties are wonky, don’t uncover em’. Here she is at the Miss USA pageant. Heather was a judge, and experienced some negative reactions to her appearance.

The event was held at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Vegas, and when Heather was introduced, the crowd booed and jeered. People aren’t impressed that she just grifted Sir Paul McCartney out of almost 50 million dollars.

“I really enjoyed myself. It was a great contest. If there was some negative reaction, what can you do? There will always be some people like that,” she said in response the heckling.

They were probably just trying to tell her that one of breasts was trying to escape her body.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN

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