Another Divorce Finalized

Heather Locklear’s marriage to Richie Sambora is now officially OVAH. With documents filed in Superior Court on Wednesday, the union between the two has now legally ended. Yahoo reports:

Custody of the pair’s daughter, Ava, visitation rights and spousal support will be ordered in a proposed judgment, according to the divorce papers. The judgment is being kept private.

In court papers filed in March 2006, Sambora asked for joint physical and legal custody of Ava, and that the court give up its right to order him to pay spousal support to Locklear. He also asked that the duo’s premarital agreement be enforced.

I guess this frees Richie up to get with his laptop-hurling girlfriend, Denise Richards. But seriously, why do rock stars even bother getting married? It’s just so…ridiculously optimistic. Well, what the hell do I know? Maybe paying alimony and battling over custody of the kids is more fun than it looks.