Heather Locklear With Richie Sambora

March 31st, 2006 // 17 Comments

They’re walking pretty close together there. The divorcing couple takes a walk before watching daughter Eva, 8, play in a softball game Sunday.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I love love love Heather Locklear. She seems like such a sweetie and I just cannot believe she was ever married to Tommy Lee. I love tommy, but jeez … Anyway I hope Richie and Heather get back together. I really loved them as a couple. They were my favorite !!

  2. my2cents

    I hope they work things out too…he did cheat so it will be hard for her to ever trust him again…but, therapy can do wonders for a marriage that is trying to work….good luck to them!…if they don’t stay married, I’m sure they will behave like sensible adults.

  3. Terest

    I don’t see how anyone can say that Richie cheated, because to me it’s quite clear that he didn’t…

    an unsolicited e-mail does not mean he was having an affair. It certainly requires a damn good talking to, but to jump to the conclusion that he was having an affair with a woman he FIRED only a few months prior is just crazy. It is also clear that he and this woman, Stephanie Heaton, are not together, if they were the tabloids would have been ALL OVER IT. Given that Star magazine made it clear they know where Stephanie lives I would hazard a guess that they are probably still camped outside her house and know her every move along with Richie’s every move. I can’t see that he has done anything wrong.

    It is obvious that Heather doesn’t quite know what she wants at the moment, her little display at their daughters softball game proves that.

    She needs to sort her head out before any kind of reconciliation takes place. And to be honest, it is Heather that has broken the trust in this marriage, not Richie…filing for divorce without speaking to him before and having a proper conversation is cowardly, spineless and downright disrespectful. She has obviously hurt him a lot and broken trust and THAT will take a long time to fix. If they were to get back together, how does he know that she won’t do this to him AND to their daughter all over again?

  4. Lynnie52

    If someone said that Richie,was having an affair, then may Heather was with Tommy Lee. I heard they are still friends. I love Richie Sambora. He is so cute,and can play a mean guitar.

  5. Jennifer

    Heather seems to be an inteligent person, whom knows what she wants out of life. After all she did marry a rock star and she must be used to alot of women trying to throw themselves at her husband!!! I’m quite sure she has alot of male fans as well. She obviously went with her instincts to get rid of Richies assistant, however feelings may very well of already begun. When someone has alot of love and time invested in a relationship it’s usually best to work things out, unless it keeps happening. My guess is that Richie knows he has a good thing and wouldnt make the same ignorant mistake. One would hope!!!!!

  6. Filo

    Doesn’t this upset anyone else? Doesn’t this seem strange to anyone? Because it sure does to me…

    the pictures I have seen all show Heather behaving like some lovestruck teenager, kissing him, hugging him, rubbing his back, patting him on the bum…

    the same man she is dragging through a divorce court. The same man she couldn’t be bothered to wait to SPEAK to before she filed for divorce. The same man she seems to want to have a custody battle with, despite the fact he is obviously a pretty great Dad.

    WHAT is she playing at? What kind of mind-games is she trying to put this poor man through? It’s horrible and makes my blood boil.

    I’m a woman myself, but it makes me realise that SOME WOMEN are just vicious creatures who will do whatever they can to get what they want. Seems Heather just wants to screw with Richie’s mind.

    There is no way there is a chance of reconciliation. She is just out for herself and CONVENIENTLY the cameras are there to film it. Somehow, I think Richie was set up to get this b!tch EVEN MORE PUBLICITY.

    I am so mad about this it’s unreal!

  7. allison

    I believe that Heather is playing with Richie’s mind . She has him up and down like a yo-yo . It makes me sick . I mean you file for a divorce over an email ?? And that assistant sent the same email to Jon also . He does not control who sends him email . I am a woman and I think that Heather is doing this just for publicity . Shame on you Heather

  8. Paula

    How can you people jump to conclusions about who is at fault here? All we know is what the tabliods said, and we all know that headlines are driven by what sells, not neccesarily what is true. Maybe they just drifted apart after more thana decade together. It has been known to happen, even in Hollywood.



  10. sambora12901

    I have read most of you comments and some of you hit it right on!! She is playing games with him. For those of you who think these colums are a bunch of crap maybe they are but we still have the right say what we want. How would you like it your wife filed for a divorce and not tell you? Made a fool out you in public and then try win back your affection and pretend like nothing ever happened? I have been a Richie Sambora fan for many many many years……(i don’t know him personally at all) but from what i have read and seen he not as cold hearted as the media makes him out to be. She is the one who did all of this and everyone is all out for her. One thing i can say is that i am glad they are getting along for their daugther’s sake. So for all of those Richie fan’s out there keep supporting him! Those of you who don’t like him,or don’t like the colums,can blow smoke up your @@@!

  11. JoviFan

    Richie Sambora is an absolutely amazing man because many men would find it hard to be so forgiving after her antics with filing for divorce and not telling her husband about it first. The reporter that interviewed him and broke the news about the divorce said there was no doubt in her mind to how clueless he was about Heather’s actions. How mean can you be? Regardless of whether we know them personally or not, no one deserves that. I happen to honestly believe that Richie Sambora is a hard working, devoted and loving father and husband. Perhaps the recent tour had Heather feeling lonely and brought on some insecurities, but come on, they are both beautiful people with adoring fans on both sides. The main thing that counts is who they come home to and that was each other. I feel both of them will always have people obsessed with them–he a gorgeous inside and out rock star, and her a beautiful hollywood actress. It is so sad that beautiful marriages can become so destroyed by fame and fortunes.

  12. I agree that none of us really know the situation between the 2 of them, but I am sure Heather would not just throw away 11 years of her life if she didn’t have good reason to. I like Richie too and I think its to bad it came to this but I trust they know what they are doing.

  13. stella

    i read these things for entertainment and
    i had to write because all of you don’t
    really know the truth. you all are speculating
    based on what you have read. none of you personally know these people.
    you really can’t judge heather or richie or
    whatever celeb. who really gives a @##$$%
    anyway? just read the paper and see how many
    people have died in iraq, and the state of the

  14. Brandi

    Bottom line: it’s nobody’s business yet Richie’s fans do have a right to defend him since he’s been defamed by this BS. I have met Richie and he’s a genuine, warm, down-to-earth human being. I don’t believe he’d ever be unfaithful-it’s clear that he adored her so much. It’s truly her loss. Now she’s being pictured with David Spade making out and all this? I don’t think Richie will take her back-he’s too hurt and these photos prove it. It’s a very thin line between love and hate. He’s deeply wounded and the only sad part is that he’s going to carry this with him and it will make it hard for him to ever be with someone because of the fear. How can he be sure now? Heather truly blinded him and he was the last to see her true colors. She is selfish, narcissistic, and needs to get her priorities straight. It’s hard to find a good man-she had one and she took it for granted. Not saying he’s perfect but nobody is. He’s all about family-she’s all about career-getting attention. And she was beautiful before. Now after all her actions, to me she’s just a sad little twig looking more pathetic with each desperate antic. Richie will be fine. She won’t break him. He’s awake now. Has seen the light. And he’ll do what it takes to get his lil Ava, who’s truly his soul mate. He’s the one who wanted her. And that little girl knows her Daddy loves her. Now back to life-and screw that other person. You spent just as much time reading so you’re a loser.

  15. Lisa

    Brandi I couldn’t agree with you more. I loved both of them. Now I can see I was wrong to ever like Heather. She has shocked me. I always admired her because she was never in the tabloid with her married to Tommy Lee. That is a miracle itself. Think of all he did to her and she never treated him like she does Richie. They are not even in the same league. Richie is great. Now, I think Heather is just like Pamela Anderson a jump any man, publicity freak, get together and back again, change men like underwear kind of girl.

  16. Brandi

    If Richie did take her back, I don’t think it would work out in the long run anyway. Too much has gone on. What truly infuriates me is how she’s shown in this photo displaying affection for the camera as if she’s so concerned about his arm. Richie is tough-I saw him in concert this time around and talk about a man in pain. But he performed like a pro and has stuck it out while all this BS has gone on. How can Heather ever say she truly loved him? I think she loves his image. Who he is on-stage and his persona-but not the real man who is a sensitive artist with flaws like the rest of us. And I’ve never seen so many pix of Ava as I have lately. She has a lot of nerve. So hopefully Richie will find someone much wiser with more heart the next time around, if there is a next time. He’s been hurt so deep, it’s truly not fair.

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