Heather Locklear Still Has It

January 10th, 2006 // 6 Comments

She’s looking mighty fine for 45. She can still party, as well. Heather Locklear joined pal Denise Richards at a REO Speedwagon concert on New Year’s Eve. She can’t let go of that 70′s and 80′s rock thing can she?

(Images via Angelenos)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. the wedding planner

    She gives me such inspiration for when I turn that age

  2. Blindqueen

    Isn’t she divorcing what’s his name?

  3. ortem

    LOVE her… she is a goddess

    but the hair stylist in the shoot should look for a new job

  4. Icequeen

    Her face annoys me. Whenever I watched LAX (shut up!) I was just mistified by the thought anybody could think that amount of injectables and surgery was giving a great result.

    Not to mention the obligatory 15 references to her beauty per episode.

  5. Marly

    Would love to see those photos untouched….

  6. ali

    Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora were working through a rough patch in their marriage, due mostly to the strife of two busy careers. Then, sources say, a suggestive e-mail sent to Sambora by an acquaintance of the couple became a final straw in Locklear’s decision to seek a divorce, PEOPLE reports in its upcoming issue.

    Locklear found the e-mail, which contained “provocative pictures” of the female, a close friend of the pair tells PEOPLE. Though the woman had long been “a sore subject,” says the source, Locklear never thought she and Sambora had actually been “romantic.”

    Whatever conclusions Locklear has now drawn from the photos, they were, her friend believes, the deciding factor. “She’s devastated,” says the friend. “Absolutely devastated.”

    Sambora, meanwhile, is as upset by the photos as Locklear, according to their friend: “Richie’s saying nothing ever happened, that he never asked for the pictures.”

    Another source close to the Bon Jovi guitar player says the photos are neither the cause of the breakup nor indicative of a liaison between Sambora and the woman. “It’s absolutely not true that they had an affair,” says the friend.

    Many observers believed the bond between Sambora, 46, and Locklear, 44, was strong. “I thought they were the perfect couple,” says their longtime friend, music journalist Lonn Friend, who insists Sambora was not your typical rocker. “He’d sown some wild oats in his day” but since hooking up with Locklear, Friend says, he’d become “a family man.” The couple have one daughter, Ava, 8.

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