Heather Morris’ Black Eye Tyler Shields Photo Shoot Draws Criticism [PHOTOS]

Heather Morris has sported a black eye in the name of art. The actress plays Brittany on Glee showed off her edgier side in a series of photos taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. While some praised the highly-stylized shots, others accused the pair of glamorizing violence against women.

In the accompanying blog post, he writes, “Even Barbie bruises. We have been talking about shooting for a long time and we finally made it happen! Some magic, irons, and bruises later it was complete.”

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Readers of Tyler Shields’ own blog were confused by the photos. “I do.not.get.it,” one commenter by the user name of “befuddled” wrote on Tyler’s site. “Why do you keep producing photos glamorizing violence against women? There is absolutely nothing new or revelatory about pics like this.” Another one posted, “So wait… we’re glamorizing bruises/abuse now?”

He tells TooFab.com, “It was something we both wanted to do, a bruised up Barbie. In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We both loved the idea and we both love the photos.”

Watch video from the shoot…