Heather Locklear & Former ‘Melrose Place’ Co-Star Jack Wagner Announce Engagement

Heather Locklear will be heading down the aisle once more! And this time, we’re hoping it works out nicely. Heather and former Melrose Place co-star Jack Wagner just announced their engagement. The couple have been dating for four years, and seem happy as ever.

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Heather has been married twice before, first to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee from 1986-1993 and then to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora from 1994-2007. Jack seems to be like a safer bet than two rock stars. I’m pretty sure stars of Melrose Place don’t have groupies following them around at every show. Or maybe they do?

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MailOnline says the 51-year-old Wagner, who is currently starring on The Bold and the Beautiful, is happy he can finally make an honest woman out of is 49 going on 50 beauty. I mean seriously, she looks so good for almost being 50. I hope this marriage works out for her. And how cool is it that they used to play a couple on the show and are now a couple in real life?! Check out the gallery for some cute photos of Heather and Jack through the years. Let us know what you think about the match in the comments!