Heath Ledger Gets Squirted

In an eerily similar situation to the Tom Cruise water spray from last year, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were hit by high-powered water guns at the Australian premiere of Brokeback Mountain.

Rogue paparazzi will not be allowed to cover celebrity film events after three photographers sprayed actor Heath Ledger with water.

Film distributor Roadshow, which is releasing Ledger’s movie Brokeback Mountain in Australia, has declared troublemakers will never be invited back. “In terms of banning them, we would certainly never give them official accreditation again,” Roadshow managing director Joel Pearlman said yesterday.

Ledger and his girlfriend Michelle Williams were sprayed with high-powered water pistols during the Sydney premiere of Brokeback Mountain at Fox Studios. Photographers Peter Carrette, Pierre Smithdorf and Guy Finlay sprayed the A-list stars with water.

Designer Peter Morrissey who was also at the event said the actions were “unnecessary”, particularly after Ledger’s recent moves to stem his bad-boy reputation.

“It’s a bit out of line,” Morrissey said. “If someone has acted bad and is now acting good they should not be reminded of the bad times.” Mr Pearlman said it was a credit to Ledger that he stayed calm throughout the incident. Soon after being sprayed Ledger introduced his film in two cinemas. “I have to say Heath was incredibly dignified,” Mr Pearlman said.

Heath Ledger may sue the photographers. Which would be an odd move since the photographers claim the water spray was in retaliation for being spit on by Mr. Ledger when he was in his “bad boy” phase.

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(Images via JJB)