Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Had A Spat Outside Of Rehab

January 30th, 2008 // 18 Comments

It turns out Heath Ledger had some issues going on, a lot of them concerning drugs and booze. According to “sources”, Heath had a problem with alcohol, cocainya and even dabbled in heroin. Yikes. Reportedly, this was what ended Heath and Michelle’s engagement. Michelle even went so far as to force him into a car, and drove his ass to Promises rehab center in Malibu only five months after Matilda was born in 2006. Heath refused to leave the car, and after a verbal brawl, somehow convinced her he could change. That obviously didn’t pan out, and they ended things. In fact, Michelle supposedly made Heath submit to drug tests before he was allowed to see their daughter Matilda Rose after their breakupShe was filming “Mammoth” in Sweden when she got the news of his death on 1/22 and was said to have begun “screaming”. Ouch.

By J. Harvey

  1. Leslie

    It is tragic and it is too bad that addicts think they can cure themselves. Especially celebrities that have or can get whatever they need. I think he surrounded himself with too many party friends and lost touch with what was real.

    Heath, you will be missed and may you rest in peace. If only someone could have helped.

  2. AH

    This magazine wouldn’t know what the truth was if it gave birth to it. Its BS and a crass way to sell magazines.

  3. nona

    jesusfuckingchrist. let him rest in peace. torment some other person’s family. preferably, one who is still alive.

  4. shell

    ditto comments #s 2 & 3. US is the worst. Bunch of dumbasses who find it fascinating that “celebs” pump gas or pick their wedgies “just like us!”.

  5. Indi

    Michelle Williams and her lawyers have denied this story, btw.

    Also, If you loved someone and had just gotten word of their death, wouldn’t you scream too?

    Jesus. People need to cut the family a break. Let them grieve in peace without having to respond to this, and deny that…

  6. Greggo

    Thank goodness, I do not buy this rag! Why not try to find out how big His dick was while postulating about his drug problems!I need some real news like who is Paris Hilton sucking off tonight. Greggo

  7. lulu

    You’re all ripping on Us and its “crass way to sell magazines.” So why are you reading this site?

  8. Greggo

    Hey looloo-simple answer Because I can and it is free!

  9. Greggo

    Hey looloo-simple answer Because I can and it is free!

  10. Greggo

    Hey looloo-simple answer Because I can and it is free!

  11. lulu

    Greggo–having some trouble?

  12. Chris

    I look at the bright side: At least this clown won’t be coming out with a book or a Barbara Walters ‘special’ on how he beat his addictions. Nice of everyone to fawn over stars for getting clean, yet no one cares about people who never got dirty in the first place. This rodeo clown is where he should be.

  13. Enid

    Chris, I hope somebody fucks your mother up the ass with a hammer. Sweetie.

  14. haqikah

    If only one could turn back the hands of time.


  15. haqikah

    If only one could turn back the hands of time.


  16. SuperDuper

    Chris, I agree that it is annoying to endure the endless supply of kudos the media seem to have for celebs who voluntarily become junkies, then try to stop shooting up. Ledger was a human being though, and had a lot of talent – it’s a shame he made such poor decisions. By the way, Enid, I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but you seem like you might be taking this just a bit too seriously. Unless you’re secretly Heath’s mom or Michelle Williams, you are a gigantic loser. It’s a post on a gossip website, sweetie. Your psychotic rage might be better directed at the government-sponsored genocide in Sudan. Jeez.

  17. FuntKase

    ASL is no better than US or any of the other rags… “reporting” on what the others have already reported… it’s all the same.

    I told you last week, when people were praising ASL for being so respectful of this event… wouldn’t be long before they were back to their mean hateful selves. And it wasn’t. “Drove his ass?” Business as usual here at the pit.

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