Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Had A Spat Outside Of Rehab

It turns out Heath Ledger had some issues going on, a lot of them concerning drugs and booze. According to “sources”, Heath had a problem with alcohol, cocainya and even dabbled in heroin. Yikes. Reportedly, this was what ended Heath and Michelle’s engagement. Michelle even went so far as to force him into a car, and drove his ass to Promises rehab center in Malibu only five months after Matilda was born in 2006. Heath refused to leave the car, and after a verbal brawl, somehow convinced her he could change. That obviously didn’t pan out, and they ended things. In fact, Michelle supposedly made Heath submit to drug tests before he was allowed to see their daughter Matilda Rose after their breakupShe was filming “Mammoth” in Sweden when she got the news of his death on 1/22 and was said to have begun “screaming”. Ouch.