The Set Of Heath Ledger’s Last Film Has Been Shut Down

Heath Ledger was on break from filming “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” on Tuesday when he was found dead in a New York City apartment. Heath was shooting the fantasy tale in Vancouver and working with Christopher Plummer, singer Tom Waits, and legendary director Terry Gilliam. The set has been completely shut down, and all of the crew have been let go. A source on-set said “I just got the call [Tuesday] saying everyone was being let go. We were supposed to start this weekend, but obviously they fired everyone today.” The source also added that everyone was in shock about Ledger’s death, and there is no word on what will be done with the footage that has already been shot. There are also reports from Warner Bros. previously planned to market Heath Ledger’s last finished film, this summer’s Batman sequel “The Dark Knight”, around Heath’s “Joker” character. Those plans are said to have been scrapped. No word on what the changes will be yet. I’ve seen the trailer, and Heath looks like he did a kickass job playing one of the best and scariest comic book villains ever, so at least there’s some kind of positive in this whole thing.


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